Seth Morrison Dispatch from Las Lenas


Las Lenas situated in Argentina, South America is one of the longest treks for skiing I have ever done. Being there a few times you now what to expect, but anything can happen so be ready.

This trip was for an Oakley apparel test. A large group, many of us took different ways of getting there. My crew’s bags didn’t make it so we had to stay a night in Buenos Aires. Some bags arrive the following day, off to Mendoza by Plane then a rather long bus ride, 8.5hrs to Las Lenas.

The skiing was far worth all the time to get there. Skiing nothing but Off-Piste Powder, mostly hiking. Many times the weather dictates what happens there with the Marte lift, but not on the 4 days some of us got. Five days of travel for the Best Las Lenas trip ever.

The pics tell the story best. Thanks to Mark for dealing with all the logistics, our guide Jose for showing us the secret ways and of course all the Boys from the O.

A fix till Winter!