Rocking Sweden


So Sweden is a little different, the air is cleaner, the people are nicer, the chicks are hotter and Jon Olsson knows how to throw a Rock n’ Roll Party! And what better way to work off two days of travel and some serious jetlag (nine hour time difference) then with a good old fashion Rock Party.

Jon Olsson is known to most of you as a badass skier that invites tricks you cannot throw, winning X Game Gold, having hot chicks on his skis and trying to make the Swedish Olympic GS Team. But to those of us that know him a little better, Jon likes to party and party we did last night. With a little over a thousand lunatic, crazed driven Swedes in attendance for the Jon Olsson Rock Party at Bygget was underway at 9pm.

Mayhem ensued for the next five straight hours, starting things off was Lillasyster, with some Death Metal music that crushed the crowd. After some temporary hear lose and a few mellow Fernet shots we moved up stairs, where I was promptly greeted by fellow photog Blake Jorgenson’s Red Bull and Vodka down my right sleeve.

Laughing and pointing at the drunken people is fun, but one of the best parts about Jon’s events are the “gold keys”. This year gold keys were given to Team Managers and Media, while the riders wore black keys because everyone knows the new gold is black.

Anyway the keys get you many cool things, one of them being access to the VIP Room full of Swedish women, rich old men and more Fernet shots. The night escalated with some more head banging downstairs and many funny moments. But to preserve the innocent I will end my story here… look for a full report from Jon’s newly formatted event tomorrow.


Matt Murray


April 04, 2008