Wells Wins


Jossi Wells just wants you to know he’s got his pipe legs back. “I got my pipe legs back which I haven’t had for a while and threw my thing and won it,” said the young Kiwi (17), who got better and better as the event went on.

“This is exactly what I wanted to do. I have been thinking about it all week. I didn’t know if it would let me win it because I know Simon (Dumont) just kills it, but unfortunately, Simon kind of messed up today which let me on top. I am super stoked.” Jossi’s winning run had a lot of amplitude, and he started it off with a big 540, into a 900, 900, 720 to switch 900.

Following behind Jossi was France’s Xavier Bertoni who has really been coming on strong on the North American scene. His best trick was his first where he dropped in with a big switch 720. He followed that up with a 540, 540, and then back-to-back 900s.

In third place was East Coast native Colby West who was coming off a bronze medal performance at the 2008 Winter X Games. Colby’s run was technically difficult, but he lost momentum as he went down the pipe. Colby started off with a big 900 to 540 to 720, to switch 720 to 1080 to switch 540.

Justin Dorey skied really well in the qualifying where he was getting some pretty monstrous hits, but he hit the deck on his third hit of the super final and had to settle for fourth.

Unexpectedly, SuperPipe Master Simon Dumont did not advance to the super final. According to judge Evan Raps, Simon threw down the best run of the day in qualifying when he boosted a huge 1260 on the first hit. Dumont struggled later in the competition, which probably had a lot to do with a separated right shoulder that is still bothering him.


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February 11, 2008

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