Olsson Wins Big Air


Four world-class skiers, three of them being Oakley skiers, duked it out and wowed a capacity crowd on Buttermilk Mountain tonight for the first-ever Winter X Games Skiing Big Air Final.

Oakley’s Jon Olsson won the gold medal, soaring over the 65-foot step-up gap with a double kangaroo flip accented with a Japan grab landing switch.

Fan voting counted for 50% of the scoring at Big Air, and fans both at home and on-site instantly texted Winter X Games and made their voices heard. Professional skier Mike Douglas served as sports analyst and his expertise counted for the other 50%.

Olsson beat out Charles Gagnier in the final pairing; Gagnier busted out a switch 1260 with a double grab. Simon Dumont and Jacob Wester tied for third place. There were no silver or bronze medals at this event – just gold.

“I’m so excited,” Olsson said back at the Oakley house after the event, where he ate a pb&j sandwich before heading out to celebrate. “I have won the bronze for too many years. I was feeling down on my skiing—I barely ate anything all week.  This run felt so good. All it takes is one win to feel back at it again."

Words: Tess Weaver
Oakley: Sports Marketing Media

Photos: Matthew Murray
Oakley: Sports Marketing Media