Oakley Takes Over Ski Covers


Carlo Travarelli on his Skiing cover:

“It was a very rare day at Mt Baker in the middle of December—it was sunny and had just snowed about a foot. Adam Clark, Eric Roner, Julian Carr and I had just hiked out of an area we had skied. It was the end of the day and we were about to head back to the car. Adam and Julian were below me and noticed a wind lip near where I was standing. They yelled at me to hit the jump and threw a couple of snowballs to show me where the jump was. Adam hiked up and got above the shot and said he was ready, so I backed it up and hit it.  When I was done, Adam and Julian were excited about the shot and later that night at Dan Tredway’s house everyone who saw it said it would make a great cover. I have to thank Adam Clark and Julian Carr for their vision of the shot.”

Jossi Wells on his WeSki cover:

“We were at Snow Park, NZ and wanted to get a pipe shot. I had been doing this trick (cork 5 nose) in a quarter-pipe comp the week before and photographer Dan Carr wanted to get a shot of it. It was a really warm day and I was dying in that puffy! But the colours were good, so I just dealt with it. After we did that we shot a wall ride. We got two shots that day so we were very happy!”

Dan Treadway on his Freeskier cover:

“We spent most of the day breaking trail by snowmobile into this zone. There was about four feet of new snow and after about four hours we were all out of gas and beat, but the trail was in for the next day. As it happens, we were followed in by a group of French-Canadian snowboarders, so it was a race for every shot. It’s in a small zone and the light only hits certain faces for brief amounts of time. It was a great day with tons of snow and blue sky and a small, good crew.”


Staff Writer


October 26, 2007

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