SKIING: Exclusive interview & freeride footage of Aksel Lund Svindal


O: What do you visualize when you stand on the top of the racecourse? Do you imagine the course, do you try to think about something nice, or do you listen to music? How do you get ready in the last moments?

AKSEL: I visualize the course. The turns and the terrain and the line I will take to find the fastest way down. No music and I try to block out other thoughts. I also work on my tension level and adrenalin to get just enough fired up to go fast.

O: What’s important to you about your friends and family?

AKSEL: That they’re happy and healthy.

O: Who are your heroes?

AKSEL: My grandpa is one.

O: What have you learned from alpine skiing?

AKSEL: To ski fast! But I think all sports teach you a lot about life. To win and lose…Hard work and fair play to name a few.

O: What other training do you do to prepare your body, to strengthen your core?

AKSEL: I have a diverse workout program. Biking, running, lifting, stretching, balance, coordination etc. Trying to fit it all in there!

O: What’s your favourite Oakley product?

AKSEL: The Canopy Snow Goggles.

And here’s the promised video of Aksel big mountain skiing with freeride household names like HenrikWindstedt, EirikiFinseth,Eric “Hoji” Hjorleiffson and mountain guide Tor Olav Naalsund.

From breaking his skis on one of his the first freeride runs in 2008 to learning how to go slower when charging down the mountains, Aksel takes it all with good humour, his usual big smile and true curiosity and enthusiasm!

But seriously, as Eric Jorleiffson points out, imagine the situation vice versa and how hard it would be to swap places with Aksel, strap on super huge race skis and charge down a racecourse!


Marion Schmitz


February 10, 2013

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