Young Swede Invades


Jacob “The Soaring Swede” Wester fresh off his Armada Team Trip to Mexico for some fun in the sun and mellow surf sessions, was in house to catch up w/ Greg Strokes, Ski Sports Marketing Manager. The first part of the day Wester checked out some of the Fall 2008 line, picking out his new outfits for upcoming summer photo shoots in New Zealand. Jacob plans to spend almost two months in New Zealand starting in August to hone his skiing even further after some vacation time back home in Sweden on an island off Stockholm and then Brazil.

After picking out his new technical outerwear outfits, Jacob meet up with Chelsea Jurgensen and myself for a mini-photo shoot and autograph signing sessions in the main lobby. Jacob was a good sport signing numerous A Frame lenses and posters for Oakley’s MySpace Winners. Wester had promised to do a video interview based on Oakley’s MySpace visitors online question requests.

But before we would do the MySpace interview video session we grabbed some lunch down in the Oakley Café and chatted about this season’s highlights, including his impressive showing at the JOI. Full w/ lunch we called up the video department to make sure we were ready to go with interview session. Mark Shonka from the video department confirmed we were ready to go in the new secret room at headquarters.

The MySpace video interview went very well with Jacob answering the top ten questions from over 50 different submissions that rolled in over the past three days leading up to this session. To conclude our interview session, Jacob answered more questions to fill in the Oakley public on his background, passion for skiing, relationship with the brand and interests outside of shredding the white stuff. Check back soon to view Jacob’s video interview here at Community Section. As well as the Oakley MySpace page to see Jacob answering the Oakley faithfuls top questions.