Summer time is party time? The “Legs of Steel” crew has a different take


Without a doubt Legs of Steel has rapidly turned into a household name in freeskiing. Wanna know what the brothers-in-arms crew from Innsbruck did last summer? Bene Mayr, Paddy Graham, Tobi Reindl and Thomas Hlawitschka shared some personal photos and stories…

Summer time is party time – that’s a maxim that doesn’t ring true for the Legs of Steel freeski crew from Innsbruck. These four rock ‘n’ roll aficionados are very busy training for the next season, studying hard at university and, most importantly, producing a new freeski movie with Canadian film director Andre Nutini.

While Tobi suffered from a knee injury earlier in the year and decided to train his brain and study hard for university, Thomas spent some time in the gym making sure his “legs of steel” live up to their name.

Says Thomas: “After a tricky season with los of ups and downs we had a little get together @LOS Mansion. Then, after finishing exams at university, I went for a little bike vacation… 1300km up north! Great time with great people and great landscapes! And in between I made sure I got some summer workouts and some action sports in, with the crew of @Area47 and @Nineknights! Great summer!”

Tobi filled us in on the whereabouts of the rest of the team: “Paddy Graham went off doing some ’hard work’ skiing in Chile while director Andre Nutini was mainly stuck in his dark editing cave.”

Bene Mayr in the meanwhile was busy taking care of his flat feet and giving interviews with In-Form, Germany’s initiative for healthy nutrition and more sports, announcing his Olympic ambitions for 2014.

And as to be expected, the entire Legs of Steel crew worked together hours and hours on their new freeskiing film, Hurt So Good. The title says it all: No pain, no gain – but if things align, life as a freeskier is just unbeatable. Or as quoted from Bene’s site: “This is a project by skiers, for skiers, and the resounding message will ring true with anyone who has suffered for the sport they love… quite simply that skiing hurts so good!”

After seeing the preview trailer we expect yet another mind-blowing freeski flick, with even more intense action, more epic powder lines, more scary airs than before, and the whole package wrapped, once again, in amazingly beautiful cinematography.

Tobi: “Occasionally we tried to live up to the summer motto: Party time! So all in all our summer was not all fun and games – well, let’s just say it was all a little harder than usually…”

Check out The Legs of Steel exclusive summer snap shots below, and of course the Hurt So Good trailer herehere.