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Jon Olsson Interview with About JOI 2007

FS: How is the JOI different this year?

Jon: I think the biggest difference is that we have two events and new formats. We added the Oakley Nations Cup where the riders will compete in teams of two from each country skiing next to each other on the super wide jump, which I think will be spectacular. New with the JOI is that the riders will only be able to throw a trick once, which means that it will be very challenging for the riders but very entertaining for the crowd as they know that every run will be different from the one before.

FS: Who are some of the new faces to watch? i.e. Skiers from other countries outside of the Swedish and North American contingents?

Jon: I have invited a lot of new guys this year, since we have the Nations Cup we have a strong representation from central Europe, plus a few wild cards that I have invited after just seeing them ski in different resorts around the world, and off course we have the North American super pro crew with Sammy, TJ and Simon!

FS: Tell us exactly what a golden key gets an athlete. In your profile last year, it said it can get you anything in Are. Is this true? ANYTHING?

Jon: Not everything, this is what they get. I am working hard as we speak to make this list EVEN BIGGER!

- Free food from the JOI menu!
- Free entrance all parties
- VIP line to Bygget, 2 rum, Versens
- VIP section with all free alcohol at Bygget
- BMW shuttle service 15.00- 02.30
- Gift bag( pretty darn good one)
- Lift tickets
- Ski school entrance in lift line
- Free pool at Tott
- Free gym at Tott
- Tons of chicks!!!

FS: Why is the JOI considered the athlete favorite?

Jon: Not sure but if that is true, then I am stoked since I work very hard for it, but I guess it comes from me being a rider knowing what a rider wants!

FS: What’s next for Jon Olsson? Anything new and exciting on the horizon?

Jon: Way to much stuff! A gallon of coffee a day and 4 hours of sleep have been the schedule for that last month seeing as I’ve been trying to get all future and existing stuff planed all together! I will not tell you the exact details, but expect a JOI event in North America for next year!

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March 27, 2007