Andörja: O Ski Ripper Emanuel Hedvall’s Report from Norway

Andorja 3

Who would have ever thought of an island paradise…in Norway?

Oakley’s Swedish ski ripper Emanuel Hedvall sure did. Read a recent account from Emanuel on his winter film project trip in Andörja, Norway…in his own words:

Andörja is a group of islands located in the northern part of Norway between Narvik and Tromsö. The area is famous for its summer sea fishing but fairly unexplored to freesking until a few years ago. It’s an island full of peaks and 10 of them are more than 1000meters straight down in the Norwegian fjords.

Our contacts in Norway pulled their strings in the county of Ibaestad and Troms to get landing permission on the island. Early February we got the permission to land at almost all peaks on the island from middle of March until May. So we started planning the trip!

It snowed a lot in March and April but the weather never cleared up. A bit frustrating for all of us in the crew, all of us wanted to get up there bad! Then we saw a weather window at the end of April and found our way up there. I hooked up with Nicke Jacobsson from Winter Project, Olof Larsson and FRWT winner Janette Hargin and took a flight to Narvik/Harstad. From there we moved on via speedboat to the village of Engenes on Andörja. Engenes is a fishing village with 50 residents..

First day the weather looked pretty good so we decided to go up in high altitude with the heli and check out the snow. A few days earlier we got reports of fresh snow up there but the night we arrived the temperature rose and as we made it up we discovered that the pow just went wet!

We decided to stay a few days as we saw the wind was changing and a new storm was coming in. A few days became a week and the storm was still hanging over us with a lot of wind, fog and rain. After 9 days of waiting we saw the mountains in the evening for the first time in a week, and decided to call in the heli.

5 a.m. the next day the heli landed outside our cabin and the weather was perfect! I stood on top of my first line at 6am and looked out to scenery worth waiting for!

See the result of the trip in the upcoming Winter project movie that’ll be available for free on the Internet this Fall!

Winter Project

Text: Emanuel Hedvall
Images: Nicke jacobsson