Dept. of Freaky Deaky: Dropping into Chamonix for “The Ordinary Skier” Shoot


Filming for Seth Morrison’s “The Ordinary Skier” shoot rages on…this time in Chamonix.

And Hans Ludwig sent out his personal account from the stop. Check it…

Chamonix isn’t going off. It’s been a crap winter, and spring has been in full-effect in the valley for weeks. With the last of the lifts closing in Argentierre this week, and the snowline thousands of feet above town, only a few die-hards are even skiing at all in Cham. But these aren’t your regular die-hards and they’re putting on quite the show for late spring in a low-tide year. Despite the snow conditions, the boom in Chamonix gnar that we reported on in last December’s Return of the Extreme Skier hasn’t slowed down.

Sometime Powder correspondent Nathan Wallace has been in Cham for weeks now working with Seth Morrison and JP Auclair on the Oakley/Morrison film project, The Ordinary Skier. Over the last couple of weeks the O-show has been breaking new ground for both Seth and ski films, using the full array of modern cameras and tech to film some of the most cinematographically challenging possible scenarios.

Wallace, who’s been helping out with safety and getting a bit of time in front of the camera as well, mentions Morrison’s commitment to the mission—the guy could have been heli-skiing powder all winter, but the last two springs he’s spent weeks out of his element, opting for the ultimate crash course in high-consequence ski-mountaineering. For a skier who’s been so focused on AK-style skiing, it’s a big learning curve to move onto this kind of terrain, to learn ice-climbing, rope-work, and glacier protocol.

If the teaser images are any indicator, the movie will be be chock full of serious skiing over massive exposure. To ski the lines they’ve hit is setting the bar way up there; to attempt to film it is a huge step in complexity. When I spoke with Wallace, they had just skied the North Face of the Tour Ronde and the Col du Plan in firm conditions.

If the skiing is done where you’re at, here’s some over-the-top entertainment to keep you going through summer:

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Andrew De Lara


May 12, 2011

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