Snowboard: Icer Air


Most people would find a big air contest at a baseball stadium to be crazy, but our European counterparts have been putting on similar contests for well over a decade in soccer stadiums. So, when eInsurance wanted to step up the Icer Air event in San Francisco from last yearç´ downtown location, the logical choice was a stadium, AT&T Park to be exact.

The event drew well over 25,000 spectators for a day of snow, skate, bmx and music. Jurassic 5 and Ladytron got the crowd going with live performances that were matched with some insane vert riding by skating and BMX top pro athletes.

The snow big air jump was a 100-foot high kicker that descended from the scoreboard at AT&T Park, extending more than 350 feet in length and covered with 200 tons of snow. The backdrop of the jump was the amazing San Francisco skyline featuring the Bay Bridge.

After everyone made their runs, Travis Rice took home $10,000 and a brand new Toyota FJ Cruiser. Travis stomped not only a backside rodeo 7, but also a backside rodeo 9. The set up was pretty gnarly, but went it came time to throw down Travis stepped up his game and made it look easy. Jon Olsson on the ski side, performed a switch 900 to claim second place, being edged out by TJ Schillerç´ 1080.

Check out the photo gallery to see all the action. Big thanks to Jay Michelfelder from Freeskier Magazine for the photos.


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November 04, 2006

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