Retallack: Blake Jorgenson’s View Behind the Lens at Seth Morrison Documentary Shoot


We’ve been raving about his masterful skills behind the lens. And you already see his work in the Fall 2011 Oakley Apparel Catalog.

Well Blake Jorgenson was on the road again – with the Big O – capturing some of the sickest images of our riders as they ripped for an Oakley documentary on our very own Seth Morrison in Retallack, BC.

His first shoot of the year had him romping around with Seth and Sean Pettit filming for “Seth Morrison – The Ordinary Skier,” coming out next fall. And as always, there were some amazing shots.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out his blog for commentary from his own mouth/pen, amazing images and a killer video.

Link: Oakley Retallack New Years 2011


Andrew De Lara


January 12, 2011