Behind the Lens: Blake Jorgenson Making Magic at Whistler


You’ve marveled at his stunning shots.

Oakley’s Fall Catalog featured some truly sick images of Oakley riders in action – through some of the most visually tantalizing landscapes in South America. But it wasn’t just nature’s beauty that made it all happen.

Meet the wizard behind the camera: Blake Jorgenson. This super talented photographer has been capturing a whole host of Oakley Riders charging through incredible scenery…just as he’ll be doing this coming week as the Team shoots in Retallack, BC (Canada).

There’s a certain magic that comes with early season – and not many can visually speak more to that than Blake. Take a behind-the-scenes video peek at some of his recent work with O Team Stars at Whistler…


Andrew De Lara


January 03, 2011

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