JOSS Returns, Bigger And Better

JOSS 2010, Filming Simon Dumont (c) Klaus Polzer

The highly anticipated Jon Olsson Super Sessions is back, bigger and better, and kicking off Monday, April 5th. The number of skiers on each team has multiplied, from single skier teams in 2008 to two-man regional teams in 2009 to this year’s three-man regional teams format (including Team WWW representing Keep an eye out for Oakley athletes Jacob Wester, Simon Dumont, Sigbjorn Tveit, Oscar Scherlin, Henrik Harlaut and Jossi Wells set to compete.

Each team will spend two weeks showcasing its skills on rails, on snow, in the air, behind the camera and in the editing room in order to produce for the judging panel a five-minute representation of their efforts. And that’s what separates this contest — no one will care if every trick is landed first try or final hit, because each edit is judged simply on what is shown within those five minutes. At the final night awards the crowd will see exactly what the judges see and can confirm or disagree with their voices and cheers, not to mention the videos will be posted online and skiers the world over will dissect and discuss the minute details of every edit.

The host of the event, Jon Olsson, will not compete with a team this year, but the Sessions are still uniquely his creation not just in name. Each session on a different feature is a product of the vision and hard work of Jon and his special brain for building perfect jumps.

“It feels great to finally have kick started JOSS 2010! I’m pleased to once again get to invite my
friends to Åre! The jump felt awesome and shows the high quality of today’s skiing – many of us jumped over eight meters high, although it only was a test day. That combined with the glorious spring weather makes me convinced that JOSS 2010 will be the best ever. This year, I am not going to compete myself, however, I will jump and shoot at least as much as the others because I will make a five-minute edit as usual – the only difference is that I am not in the race for prize money.”, Jon Olsson says.

This year, three jumps — the Comviq JOI jump, the Max Hip and the Stepover Kicker — will be joined by a Red Bull Jib garden. Along with the opportunity to do creative urban features and rails (with generators, lights and winches provided for each team) as in years’ past, the Jib garden is a significant step for JOSS towards truly comprehensive video segments and will no doubt further stoke the teams to ski and film with ultimate creativity.

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Below is the list of teams competing
Simon Dumont-OAKLEY
Tom Wallisch
Rookie: Alex Schlopy
Filmers: Josh Knox and AJ Dakoulas

Andreas Håtveit
Aleksander Aurdal
Rookie: Sigbjørn Tveit-OAKLEY
Filmers: Kristoffer Fahlgren and Andreas Johannessen

Elias Ambuhl
Jacob Wester-OAKLEY
Rookie: Oscar Harlaut
Filmers: Drew Lederer and Fabian Weber

Oscar Scherlin-OAKLEY
Henrik Harlaut-OAKLEY
Rookie: Niklas Eriksson
Filmers: Joacim Åslund and Ante Olofsson

Down under:
Russ Henshaw
Jossi Wells-OAKLEY
Rookie: Dhanu Danger Sherpa
Filmers: Jase Hancox and Jake Largess


Erin Edwards


April 06, 2010

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