Weather Creates UnExpected European Freeski Open


With Oakley as a partner, The European Freeski Open took place last weekend, but not as expected.

Saturday was all set for the Slopestyle semis and finals, but alas, the wind would not let up. Galeforce winds blew up the slopestyle course, and after about 3 hours of waiting, they had to cancel the event. But what to do with all the prize money and champagne to spray? The organizers decided to hold a rail jam, with all the semi-finalists, at the bottom of the mountain on a triple feature stair set.

With 60-some riders lined up to show their skills, the crowd was not disappointed. The small drop in — and sheer number of competitors — left a lengthy wait for the rail sliders, but the show went off without a hitch.

Oakley’s Kaya Turski, who placed third in women’s, was switching it up and 270ing off like it was no big deal.

There was no definitely no shortage of 270s or switch ups today. Big ups today go to a number of riders. Oakley’s Jossi Wells took an original approach, riding down the stairs, ollie-ing onto the down rail and switching up before stomping. Oakley’s Bene Mayr, in addition to pretzeling everything, decided to throw a front flip. The list could go on and on, unfortunately, you had to be in Laax to witness the rail carnage first hand.

Oakley was in full force with the Rolling O lab and crew set up at Rock’s Resort, right where the slope ends. Plus there was a signing session with Simon Dumont, Virginie Faivre, Kaya Turski, Henrik Harlaut and Bene Mayr at the O Lab on Friday afternoon.

While the slopestyle event cancellation put a damper on the day, the rail jam rescued it a bit. And despite the weather, man prevailed and managed to hold the first ever European Freeski Open Rail Jam.


Erin Edwards


March 08, 2010

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