Chris Del Bosco Wins X Games Ski Cross Gold, McIvor Wins Silver


Quebec-born, Vail, Colorado-raised Chris Del Bosco won his first Winter X Games while teammates Dave Duncan and Brady Lemen finished second and third, respectively. The 220-pound Del Bosco led from the start, but Duncan was hot on his ski tails through the middle of the course on the jump section. Nevertheless, Del Bosco never lost the lead, taking aggressive lines through the banked turns.

“We came in here really strong and managed to get four into the final and swept the podium,” said an elated Del Bosco of the Canadian sweep. “I felt him [Duncan] a bit, but when you’re in front like that, you just got to keep your head down and go.”

The sweep could be a precursor to the Vancouver Winter Olympics, as three men — Del Bosco, Duncan, and Stan Hayer — hope to continue the podium sweep trend. “This is so huge heading into the Olympics in our home country,” remarked Del Bosco, a product of Team Canada’s massive effort to score a gold medal in Vancouver. “We got three guys on the podium here, so hopefully we can do the same there.”

Oakley’s Ashleigh McIvor, 26, took silver in the women’s ski cross finals.

Oakley’s Daron Rahlves dislocated his right hip, for the fourth time, after a bad wreck during the race, an injury that could hurt his chances of going to Vancouver.

But a doctor who checked him out at the scene was optimistic about Rahlves’ prognosis after the crash.

Rahlves, slated for his fourth Olympics, was putting pressure on the hip only hours after the accident. U.S. Ski and Snowboard officials said he was treated for a hip injury at the hospital and released late Sunday afternoon. The doctor who treated him after the wreck said the fact this is Rahlves’ fourth dislocation should make the injury more manageable.