Oakley's Henrik Harlaut Won Two Awards At The Transition Winter Awards


Sweden’s best skiers and snowboarders were gathered last Friday for the first Transition Winter Awards where a total of 16 prizes were given. Oakley’s Henrik Harlaut won two awards, Park Shredder of the Year and Railripper.

The red carpet was rolled out and welcomed the swedish ski and snowboard elite when they arrived at the gala, located at Summit in Stockholm. The night started off with mingle and the world premiere of Exploaded View, a documentary about the Swedish skier Henrik Windstedt made by the Norwegian filmmaker Fred-Arne Wergeland. He’s been following Henrik all over the world for two seasons. The film delivered great rides from the tops of Åre to extreme competitions in Russia, ending in the impressive mountains of Alaska. Jubilation and applauses from the guests accompanied the credits before it was time for the nights grand finale, the price ceremony for Sweden’s best skier and snowboarder in Transition Winter Awards.

Three riders from every category had been nominated for their success in the season of 2008-2009. The first prize of the night was – Railripper Of The Year on skis, Oakley’s Henrik Harlaut. After that, the winners one by one entered the stage winning categories such as Park Shredder Of The Year, Big Mountain Rider Of The Year and Rookie Of The Year. But it was not only riders who were rewarded. Mattias Fredriksson won for Best Photographer Of The Year and Niklas Byström received the price for Best Videographer Of The Year, under great approval from the crowd.

Oakley’s Henrik Harlaut won Park Shredder of the Year. He was introduced at the awards with this statement. “In a time when Sweden’s park stock share stands high in class, this young man blasted away like a comet to new heights for Swedish skiing. Without thumbing one millimeter on style and with a passion bigger then Jesus this kid has crushed all barricades.”

Henrik also won the Railripper award. Oakley’s Henrik Harlaut was again given a fitting introduction. “With a progressive view on rail-skiing he pushes this kind of riding to new heights (or lengths) everyday. With influences from both boardsports and music his style has been well known around the globe.”


Erin Edwards


November 30, 2009