Seth Morrison Powder Magazine Photo Shoot


I recently returned from a photo shoot for Powder Magazine in Los Angeles, CA. It was a quick trip for the most part, an overnighter, just passing through to the next gig. The purpose of this trip was to shoot a cover for the December issue of Powder, which happens to be their 35th Anniversary issue. This was a great treat to be a part of, since there were many influential skiing names from over the years at this shoot. The majority of us that were there, were asked at the last minute to be a part of the shoot, so some names that you would think should have been there, weren’t able to make it. The list of attendees was: Glen Plake, Tanner Hall, Sarah Burke, JP Auclair, Wayne Wong, Mike Douglas, Scot Schmidt, Wendy Fisher and myself, of course.

The shoot took only a few hours at the Hacienda Hotel near LAX, which was convenient with getting people in and out of the airport. Most of the group gathered in Manhattan Beach for dinner the night before to catch up on what had happened over the summer. I have known everyone in the group for a while now and was pleased to have met Wayne Wong for the first time, which to me was pretty cool, since he was a big part of freestyle Skiing in the 70’s. After dinner our group and some of the Powder staff gathered in the Hotel bar and to our amusement there was ballroom dancing going on on the dance floor, go figure! None of us took part in the dancing, but does anyone know how to dance like that anymore?

Enjoy the behind the scenes shots. Remember to check out the December issue of Powder Magazine, you saw it here first.