Dana Flahr Blogs from Haines


It has snowed somewhere between 8 and 12 feet in April so far in Haines. It’s been a little extra challenging getting shots so far, because of the lack of flyable days, the amount of new snow, and the necessity of being patient in rowdy mountain range. However we have been out a day or two to shake the cob webs off our ski legs, and are starting to build some momentum.

We are staying positive too, and the opportunity to be with this dream team is motivation alone. Each rider brings amazing talent to the table. Seth’s years of big mountain experience and lack of fear for jumping right into the AK gnar, Tanners video game-like skiing skills and balance on his skis like he was born with them, and Sage’s unique and confident approach to rip anything AK has to offer him. This is a truly insane posse to be with, and when mother nature feels as though we are ready enough to get out amongst it, I have a feeling there will be some magic flying around.

Hopefully we will get into the mountains some more in the near future to continue our mission…