En Route - America


Let the road trip all over the West Coast of America begin. The Nimbus Crew stays close to home, traveling between Andy Mahre’s backyard, down to Cali and Benchetler’s stomping ground, Eastern Oregon and a quick stint at Mount Saint Helens near Mr. Pollards base of operations. Many miles where put on trucks and sleds in pursuit of blue sky, soft landings and big jumps, bringing you the latest installment of “En Route,” presented by K2 Skis.

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“En Route” is presented by K2 Skis and produced by Nimbus Independent in association with Poor Boyz Productions. Nimbus is producing three webisodes premiering on the 15th of February, March and April. Check www.nimbusindependent.com regularly for blog, photo and video updates.




April 16, 2009