Team Norway Wins Jon Olsson Super Sessions


After a grueling two weeks in Norway and Sweden, the Jon Olsson Super Sessions has come to an end. After a beautiful presentation filled with awards, auctions, slideshows and last but not least, the seven video edits from the teams here at the JOSS. Some videos went for funny, some went for ski porn action, but in the end, ALL of the edits were amazing, well put together, thought out and executed perfectly. Not a poor video in the group, tonight.

Ultimately, it was the team from Norway – Andreas HÃ¥tveit, PK Hunder, filmers Jon HÃ¥tveit and Filip Christensen and photographer Thomas Kleiven – who took home the top honors tonight. Unfortunately, Team Norway member PK Hunder could not be present, due to the injury he sustained in last nights JOI competition. We wish PK the best and a speedy recovery, tonight is for him.

Other Awards:
Best Slideshow: Nate Abbott – Team America
Best Portrait/Lifestyle: Mattias Fredriksson – Team Sweden
Best Action: Nate Abbott – Team America
Best Documentary: Damian Cromwell – Team Canada
Best Sunset: Damian Cromwell – Team Canada

Best Teamwork: Team Sweden
Best Energy: Team Norway
Best Comedy: Team USA
Best Filmer: Jon HÃ¥tveit – Team Norway