Powder Week 2009


Powder Week originated in 2001 as an opportunity for Powder Magazine to try next year’s products and build relationships within the ski industry. Now, in it’s ninth year, Powder Week has grown into much more than a demo week. Powder Week is an industry summit and a celebration of the special community that only skiing could build.

Oakley took the opportunity to place new Crowbars and even a pair of Splice into the hands of some of the heaviest hitters in the ski world. Powder Magazine is much more than the leading ski publication, it’s a beacon of progression for the snow world and known for its reliable product reviews. Every editor received Oakley’s newest eyewear and put it to the test during a week of every kind of weather Jackson Hole, Wyoming experiences. Despite low light, fog and humidity, Oakley goggles performed in the crowded tram rides and on every lengthy backcountry hike. More than one editor made the switch to High Definition Optics and were extremely pleased.

“Powder Week has become the industry’s favorite week of the year for several reasons,” said senior editor and event organizer Matt Hansen. “It always seems to get stormy during Powder Week, and it simply doesn’t get better than skiing Jackson Hole in those conditions. But it’s also the best chance we get all year to rip around together as a group, getting to know each other and the various brands. We at Powder feel that this is the best way to drive the sport: to get out there and do what we all love to do, which is ski hard and have fun.”

Beyond the network of editors and outdoor journalists, Powder Week drew athletes, photographers, filmers and 80 decision makers from the ski industry and all were exposed to Oakley’s newest products and technology.

Powder Week attendees skied Jackson Hole’s famed backcountry for four days and mixed it up in between with group lunches, apres gatherings and dinner meetings. The highlights of the week included a special screening of “Swift. Silent. Deep”, the documentary on the Jackson Hole Air Force and the Interplanetary Gelande Quaffing Championships of the World.

Thanks to the entire Powder staff and Jackson Hole Mountain Resortfor putting on the best ski industry event of the season.