Duncan Adams avoids measuring success based purely on results. If you ask him, Adams will probably tell you he’s more of a big-mountain skier than a pipe skier (he does both, and does both well).

One of the most creative and technical skiers on the roster, Adams has made Winter X Games SuperPipe finals in all three of his attempts: 6th in 2009, 5th in 2010, and 4th in 2011. He missed Winter X 2012 with a sprained SI joint in his lower back and in February 2012, he sustained a knee injury at European Winter X Games in Tignes.

He made the cover of Powder Magazine at age 17, slaying an Alaskan spine for Level 1 Productions.

Adams is a Stowe kid, born and raised, who migrated west to Breckenridge early in his high school years. He’s attended Colorado Mountain College in the off-season (where he made the Dean’s list twice) but is now putting school on hold with his sights set on competition.

Q & A

  1. How did you get into skiing?

    My parents. My dad worked for Dynastar when I was growing up, and my mom was a World Cup racer then a ski coach, so it was a given that I'd be introduced to the sport. Turns out I loved it, and everything that was happening in the scene of freeskiing.

  2. Did you know you wanted to be a pro skier?

    Yeah, I pretty much wanted to be a pro skier before I even understood what that was. I just wanted to be like the guys I saw in The Game and other flicks.

  3. Who were your influences?

    Right from the beginning it was Candide. Also Crichton and the local dudes at my resort like Ricki Hess, Jake Blauvelt, Ben Grunow, and Tanner Rainville.

  4. What are your greatest accomplishments?

    I'm pretty pumped on my Powder cover from the February 2010 issue, taken on my first run ever in Alaska. Also being able to compete well in halfpipe despite not learning all the wild new tricks, and still getting some podiums for being creative.

  5. Goals this season?

    Goals this season are just to find some good snow and put out some good video content for Inspired. Also there are some new pipe tricks I want to do in contests.

  6. Favorite part of skiing?

    How addicting and mad it feels!

  7. Least favorite?

    Watching friends get taken down.

  8. Ideal ski day?


Duncan Adams

Date of Birth:
October 9, 1992
Stowe, Vermont
Spyder, Oakley, Rockstar, Level Gloves, Slytech, Shred, Breckenridge
Mountain biking, soccer, going to some whacky festivals

Career Highlights

    • 2011: 3rd, U.S. Grand Prix Halfpipe
    • 2011: 3rd, Dew Tour Nike Open Superpipe
    • 2011: 4th, Winter X Games Superpipe
    • 2009: Dew Tour Ball Park Alpha Dawg