Wind, Clouds & Switch 1440s


Yesterday at JOI 2007 started out pretty mellow, all the skiers were feeling out the jump and rocking their countries colors. Team USASimon Dumont and Sammy Carlson stood out the best with their Blue & White Crowbar Goggles, Oakley Blue & White Jacket and Red Pants. While, Jon Olsson and Jacob Wester rocked Swedish scarves around their necks.

The contest format for the Oakley Nations Cup was supposed to feature two skiers from each country, hitting the jump at the same time doing the same trick. But when the contest finally got started only about four countries were being represented for the contest. And then after two jumps Jacob pulled out after’s main event. So, the contest’s format switched over to focusing on the three best overall skiers of the night who would be rewarded by driving brand new Porsches on the iced over lake across the street! Quite a treat to say the least.

The night’s highlights consisted of Team USA just dominating the tandem jumping, hitting the gap at the same time busting the same trick to almost complete perfection. Team USA was by far the favorite of the crowd with the loudest cheers all night long. A young Australian ripper busted an incredible switch 1440 to a roaring applause. And Team Norway had by far the single best tandem jump all night with matching 1260s!

When all was said and done, Simon and Jon were awarded two of the three spots drive the Porsches. But not wanting Sammy’s amazing skiing to go unrewarded, Jon gave Sammy his spot to drive his Porsche on the icy lake. The crowd went home stoked on the night’s highlights and pumped to witness the main event this evening.

Check out some of the photos from yesterday’s contest below.