Oakley's Sammy Carlson And Phil Casabon Takes The Podium At The King Of Style


Under the lights of the Stockholm Olympic Stadium, Oakley’s Phil Casabon placed second and Sammy Carlson continued his streak of good results and placed third. Andreas Håtveit was crowned this year’s Peak Performance King of Style.

Andreas’ double cork 1080 double mute grab to perfectly stomped landings won him the event. Phil Casabon took it back with the most stylish switch 1080s seen for years to grab 2nd, while Sammy’s double cork 1080s were on point, netting him 3rd.

With booming music and a bustling crowd, the competitors were given three jumps. Jacob Wester unfortunately crashed and dragged his hands, dashing his chances. Fellow Swede Jon Olsson took a big spill straight to his side on his 3rd jump; competitors noting that it was weird to see Jon actually crash. Tom Wallisch styled out rodeo 900s to bangin’ landings and Elias Ambuhl was having a little trouble with the double cork 1080s tonight. Newcomers LJ Strenio and SImon Ericsson threw stylish tricks, landing respectable finishes.

The winners stood on the podium to the cheers of the crowd and the flashbulbs of about 900 photographers. Closing out another successful big air fall season, the King Of Style once again fails to disappoint, with all riders sure to have a good last night in Stockholm.