Eric Iberg Reports In From Filming


We have been all over the place this season chasing storms. Some of the storms have left us with feet of snow after long travels and storms that never turned out to be anything at all. Washington, Oregon, and Utah have been our primary locations of filming this season. The crew has definitely been piling up footage all season of things that have never been done before on skis. Right now we are preparing to make the car drive up to Anchorage, AK to film and ski with professional snowmobiler Jimmy "Blaze" Fejes for a month. Should be a pretty interesting experience of craziness.

Some background on our film, "Idea" is a ski film that was conceptualized by three of the most innovative skiers in this world. Andy Mahre, Pep Fujas, and Eric Pollard figured they wanted not only to do something different on skis, but they wanted to create something different in ski films as well. They linked up with me (filmmaker, Eric Iberg) to direct their new project along with three other good filmer friends, Justin Wiegan, Eric Pollard and Matt Schwagler. The "Idea" crew is also comprised of some of the best photographers and musicians. Chris Stolz has come in to create a completely original soundtrack for the film along with dancehall artist Cali P, who will be contributing two original songs as well for the soundtrack. "Idea" will be an original, refreshing and timeless look at the sport of skiing through three individual minds.

411 Studios Presents a Poor Boyz Production, an Eric Iberg film – "Idea"

Oakley Featured Skier:
Pep Fujas

Oakley Special Appearances:
Kye Peterson
Tanner Hall

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