Oakley Snow Rippers Shine at the 6th Annual “The Meeting” in Aspen


It’s that time of year again, when the ski and snowboard industries gets together to showcase the past season’s top highlights in the form of numerous mind-blowing films and workshop seminars. This year Aspen Ski Co held “The Meeting” at the Limelight Lodge in downtown Aspen.

Oakley was well represented with both Pep Fujas and Seth Morrison paying a visit, signing Oakley branded posters and representing both the films they were in “Light The Wick” and “Revolver”. In addition both Pep and Seth were in town filming some segments for Seth’s upcoming documentary film releasing this time next year.

In total Oakley had riders in nine of the films, here is a quick breakdown on each.

TGR: “Light The Wick” starred several top Oakley skiers with stand-out parts from Seth Morrison, Dana Flahr and Daron Rhalves ripping up AK, Kye Peterson slaying backcountry lines, and Sammy Carlson stealing the show with the best ender section of the year. Sammy blows minds with park and backcountry sessions that go unmatched to any of the ski films this year, make sure to check it out.

Poor Boyz: “Revolver” starred numerous Oakley skiers with sick parts from both Pep Fujas and JP Auclair, as well as a banger breakout part from Bene Mayr. Once again this film does not disappointment with an insane ender starring the infamous Simon Dumont, who goes absolutely off the charts with his insane mix of park and backcountry trickery.

Transworld Snowboarding: “In Color” once again the biggest magazine in the snowboard industry brings a top-notch flick. The movie does a great job of mixing current legends with today’s young rippers. Make sure to watch Mikkel Bang’s part, this kid has been ripping on a snowboarder since he was like 4 years old and today at 20 years old he is fully bringing the bangers on the regular.

Volcom: 9191 starred the sick action of Gigi Ruf and friends shredding around the globe. Nicolas Muller and Jake Blauvelt slay some sick backcountry. Make sure to check out the insane lines that Jake rips in his section, truly next level shredding at it’s finest. Plus the soundtrack is super sick, you can score this film on iTunes for $7.99 and it’s 100% worth it.

Level 1: “Eye Trip” is the latest installment from the young boys at Level 1, and they brought the heat once again with urban shreddery and more doubles then one can handle. Phil Casabon brings the bangers in this flick make sure to check out what this young ripper from Quebec can throw down.

Stan Evans Photography: “Say My Name” stars Oakley’s top head-to-toe female skier Grete Eliassen setting world record air in Utah to ripping backcountry lines in BC to jibbing in front of the capital in DC. This movie is extremely motivating for any young female skier that wants to see where the sport is going.

Matchstick Productions: “The Way I See It” is a classic example of how MSP always brings the heat, this film has everything you could imagine times 10. Oakley’s stand-out skiers were Jacob Wester, Rory Brushfield (who just got married yesterday) and of course the next level ripping of Sean Pettit.

Standard Films: “The Storming” is a badass film, it opens to our head-to-toe shredder Sammy Luebke tearing AK apart to the none other than Ozzy Osbourne. This part has to be my favorite opener of the year, definitely putting this kid back on top – and I am claiming the next John Jackson. Another top part in this film has to go to current US Open Champ Kazu Kokubo rocking his signature series goggles in the Tahoe backcountry and just ripping apart jump after jump after jump. The ender goes to Oakley Viking Torstein Horgmo with the best part to watch and be like I wish I rode like that. The best is when you get to take a run through the Northstar Park with Torstein as he throws down double cork madness.

Pirate Movie Production: “Hooked” is a film that has a fun twist to it, so not to give too much away on that specifically I will just say the film has some crazy riding courtesy of the Helgason brothers from Iceland. Oakley has been a sponsor of Pirate since day one and every year the films just get better and better.