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    Posted almost 6 years ago by Pep Fujas

    The last two weeks were mentally and physically challenging on many different levels. Trying to save ones sanity while traveling for two weeks with the Reasons/Hunting Yeti tour is a task for the belligerently drunk or the saintly yogi possessing uncanny Jedi strength for resisting temptation.

  • Snow Industry Attends "The Meeting"


    Posted almost 6 years ago by

    Aspen / Snowmass hosted 4th annual “The Meeting” this weekend at Wheeler Opera House, Belly Up, and Sky Hotel in downtown Aspen, Colorado. Presented by Nissan this event gathers the industries top filmmakers, producers, athletes, and brands at one of the most picturesque times of the year.

  • Hunting Yeti Film Tour


    Posted almost 6 years ago by Gary Winberg

    What is it about skiing? The Nimbus Independent crew tries to answer that question with the new release, “HUNTING YETI.” This film showcases skiing that is more fun and enjoyable for everyone, more about fluidity and style than amplitude or quantity of rotations, it breaks from the norm of pro athletes hitting jump after jump with a couple contrived lifestyle segments, to producing a project that communicates what ski culture is and the community it creates.

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