• WE: A Collection of Individuals - Oakley Ski Athletes Featured in New Poor Boyz Edit

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    Posted almost 2 years ago by John Ohail

    WE: A Collection of Individuals. WE is a compelling story surrounding the life and times of the modern day skier. It has long been thought that skiing was an individual sport, however the story of WE proves that this idea is nothing more than a fallacy. Skiing is an art, a collaborative effort that takes the energy of many. Even though skiing encompasses many different venues and styles, the core remains within the crew of individuals that help scout, build, transport, struggle and keep each other safe. WE follows a season as a group of the most influential skiers travel the world in search of epic powder lines, tackling the streets, and creative park features. Together this collection of individuals become WE. RedBull Media House

  • Oakley Skier Pep Fujas Returns To Action With A Second Place Finish At The Red Bull Cold Rush

    Pep Fujas is the first competitor to tackle the Mine Cart rail feature - Erik Seo

    Posted over 2 years ago by John Ohail

    In his first ever big-mountain event, Oakley skier, Pep Fujas scored BIG points in the Red Bull Cold Rush competition held in Silverton, Colorado. Pep was returning to competition for the first time in “five or six years” when he snagged second place in the three-day backcountry freeskiing competition. The event is peer judged and includes a variety of events such as Slopestyle, Big Mountain and Cliffs.

  • Multitalented: Ski Veteran, Filmer and Editor Pep Fujas Drops Poor Boyz Self Edit


    Posted over 3 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    You already know that Pep Fujas is a dude of many talents. The veteran Oakley Ski charger is still at it as a sick rider, filmer and editor. How many riders can take footage of themselves shredding, edit it and drop it? Pep can. Peep his new self-edit from the 2010 season (Poor Boyz footage).

Pep Fujas



Date of Birth:
November 22, 1982
Salt Lake City, Utah
K2, Marker, DaKine, Joy, Backcountry Access, Kicker, Backcountry.com
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