One Icon: "Surviving Telluride" – Morrison and Wester Take On Treacherous Terrain


The steep lines in the Telluride backcountry will challenge a skier; the terrain might take their life. But when the conditions come together and a rider is flying through the chute on the Hairy Banana or executing a flawless hard-rail turn on the San Joaquin couloir, there are few more fulfilling moments in a big mountain skiers’ lifetime – which is why Seth Morrison and backcountry-newbee Jacob Wester risked injury and ego to test their mettle.

In the newest One Icon story, we take a look at this remote town in southwest Colorado that has roots in the Gold Rush but is now renowned for lines that rival the best in the world. Morrison and Wester took the best approach to surviving and thriving in the town’s backcountry: they made friends with the locals. Over the course of 10 days they attempted to conquer as much of the mountain as most of the locals do in a season.

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