Jon Olsson Invitational


One of the largest competitions in Big Air for skiers was held in Åre, Sweden April 1st. Many of the world’s top riders were gathered to participate in the Jon Olsson Invitational. They gave the audience big airs and technical tricks and, after a solid performance, Josh Bibby from Canada was at the top of the podium.

Almost 7,000 people came to see the 16 invited top riders at the Jon Olsson Invitational. The riders did their best to impress the judges and the audience – and they succeeded by far. The level was sky-high when riders such as Sammy Carlson, Rory Bushfield, TJ Schiller, Josh Bibby and even Jon Olsson himself made high and clean jumps such as switch 1080’s, inverted 900’s and rodeos. Olsson both designed and shaped the course with two huge Table’s Top jumps and a wall ride. He spent days and nights preparing the jumps to perfection.

In the qualifier, the riders were given two runs each from which the top eight qualified to the head-to-head rounds. After many impressive rounds only four riders were left for the semi-finals. Then it was down to two as Jacob Wester and Josh Bibby battled for the gold. Jon ended up fourth while TJ took third place and $4,000 US. Wester and Bibby were given three jumps in the final and they gave the judges a hard time! But as Wester crashed in his last run, Bibby won the competition and $10,000 US.

The worlds top female new school riders Sarah Burke, Michelle Parker, and Grete Eliasson performed a great session during the night. The girls’ huge airs proved that they are no longer far behind the guys. Grete Eliasson did the most impressive runs and won a diamond ring.

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  • Josh Bibby, Canada
  • Jacob Wester, Sweden
  • TJ Schiller, Canada
  • Jon Olsson, Sweden-Oakley eyewear-Crowbar…


  • Grete Eliasson, Norway-Oakley head to toe- Wisdom, 05 Boss Jacket, and Select Pant…

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April 01, 2005