Rahlves Pulls an Overall Win at Mammoth


Oakley skier Daron Rahlves pulled a win at the 2009 Form Mammoth Motorcross, the longest continuously running Motocross in the USA.


Mammoth Motocross is the best 3 days on my bike every year. It’s probably the same for a thousand other riders that come up to the mountains to ride this awesome track and battle it out with old and new friends. It didn’t start out all that great though. The bummer this year was Seabass was out due to a broken wrist, Dadak was out of town and Grube broke his tib/fib in Friday’s practice. With Seabass and Dadak out, Kev and Brad moved into the trailer for the weekend. Good hanging out with those guys and their family. Michelle, Shannon and Carol brought Miley and Drey to the races too. It was cool having the family there for Father’s Day. Friday I got some practice in and changed a few things on my ‘09 CRF450R. The best upgrade was a DRD exhaust which gave my bike some more pull up the hill. Then I dialed in my Enzo suspension and next was a bigger rear sprocket and finally threw a fresh set of Dunlop M51’s on. First moto I was slow to react on the gate drop and got pushed out on the first turn. Playing it safe I backed off and tried to work up from the back. 14th first moto. That didn’t qualify me for the main so I had to go to the LCQ. In that one I was more on it and finished 2nd to move into the main. Day 1 main event I pulled a decent start in the top 10 and worked up to 3rd by lap 4. Then got passed last lap and finished 4th. I was stoked on my rebound for how the day started. After cleaning up and packing the trailer I rolled by the hospital and checked in on Grube. Surgery went well and he was dealing with it pretty good. Day 2 I had a good ride in the qualifier after a mid pack start and finished 6th. Pretty tired from from riding 25 laps on Saturday and that first moto, I chilled a bit in the trailer with the kids. That was not easy with Drey. He’s amped on bikes and makes his vroom, vroom noise, moves his hands like he’s pulling the throttle back and does it non stop. So to fulfill his dreams we hung out track side and watched some motos. The final I lined up inside at gate 6, right next to my South Shore bro Brian Keupler and new friend Pat Lopez. Gate dropped and I pulled 4th by the top of the hill with a weak jump out of the gate. That DRD exhaust kicked in when I finally locked the throttle down. Got to love that feeling of sitting back on the rear fender, pinned and getting everything out of a 450! On the second lap my leg slammed back into my shift lever and bent it back. I had just enough room to work my toe under to shift up. A few times I got stuck toe down trying to upshift. So I tried working it from the outside which sucked. Maybe since my mind was thinking about what my foot had to do more than usual, I focused more on riding and surprisingly I worked up to the lead on lap 3. Up front I felt more pressure. I wasn’t hunting down anyone. Now I was in the hot seat. That lasted until the last lap. Starting to get real tired and sloppy I fought to hold on to my bike. The bottom of the downhill, through the sand whoops and landing off the big table in the braking bumps sucked the last bit of strength out of me. Kuelper passed me on the turn at the top of the hill and I had nothing left to retaliate. Barely holding on I came across the line in 2nd. Some luck on my side gave me the overall vet intermediate win for the weekend. I got my 2nd overall “BEAR”! 2006 was my first in vet junior class. Do I move up now? Next level up is a 10 lap race. I don’t know if I can hold on that long.



Daron Rahlves


June 24, 2009