During his alpine career, Daron Rahlves collected 28 total World Cup podiums and 12 victories, three World Championship medals and one superlative Hahnenkamm Downhill title, among other accolades. He’s the most decorated downhiller in the history of U.S. skiing. He’s hardly slowed down since retiring from the U.S. Ski Team in 2006 – and after 13 years, successfully transitioning from racing to skier cross and big mountain skiing.

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Q & A

  1. Any last words?


  2. If you could be someone famous, who would you be?

    Who wants to be famous?

  3. What are your favorite songs currently loaded onto your Thump?

    The Four Horseman, Metallica; Rise Up, Pennywise; Intergalactic and Beasties; Man in Black, Johnny Cash.

  4. What is more important to you than surfing?

    My relationship with my wife Michelle and staying healthy so I can ski.

  5. When did you start your sport?

    Age 3

  6. What move / trick are you working on?

    I'm all about speed and overall wild style. Keeping my skis hooked up in the turn, running clean and generating speed. The move I'm always working on is throwing my body down the hill.

  7. Who / What inspires you?

    Anyone that's aggressive and puts it on the line / the bigger the challenge the more motivated and inspired I get.

  8. Do you have any other special talents (music / write / draw / paint)?

    I'm persistent.

  9. If you were not a pro skier you would be?

    Having fun doing something else.

  10. Favorite

    Bands: Pennywise, Beasties, Atmosphere, Bad Religion, Metallica, Black Sabbath and 50 Cent. Films: Gangs of New York, Bravehart and The Great Outdoors. Books: Never Die Easy, Chuck Yeager's biography, Wild Animus, Powder, RacerX and Surfer mags. TV Shows: Sapranos, Discovery Show and AMA Outdoor MX Nationals. Drink: Red Bull, Vodka, OJ, and Cranberry juice with lots of ice in a huge cup.

  11. 5 Items I can't live without

    My Oakley goggles and shades, Atomic skis, Honda dirtbikes and Nautique boats.

  12. To me, Oakley is

    The Best

  13. Party animal or mellow TV on the couch?

    Time and a place for both.

Daron Rahlves

Rahlves head shot

Date of Birth:
June 12, 1973
Truckee, CA
Oakley, Red Bull, Atomic, Giro, Spyder, Sugar Bowl Resort, Honda, Swix,

Career Highlights

    • 7 US National Titles
    • 15 US National Podiums
    • 28 World Cup Podiums
    • 12 World Cup Wins
    • 3 World Championship medals
    • 1 XGames Gold
    • Featured in MSP's "In Deep", Warren Miller's "Dynasty"