Tube Invasion: Oakley’s Charismatic Wells Brothers Steal the Spotlight on Video and Film


They’re from that piece of gorgeous land in the middle of the Pacific called New Zealand. Add to that: They definitely know how to light up the screen. Oh yeah, and they shred too.

Oakley’s dynamic ski duo of Byron and Jossi Wells have been the center of attention in some of the sickest ski videos out or set to launch.

What are we talking about? We can start by introducing – where people can get a whiff of why these two are, or will be dazzling fans everywhere. The Winter of Wells documentary series, which has completed its first year of shooting, is set to play on FuelTV soon. There are three shows planned for this 2010 southern hemisphere season, with episode 15 dropping shortly. Are you pumped yet? If not, check out this teaser…then make sure you go watch the actual show on Fuel:

But wait, we’re not done yet! We’ve got more Wells mania where that came from. Tim Pierce, the dude who created the Winter of Wells, peered deeply into the soul of Jossi Wells himself during an on-camera video that featured Jossi and his so very attractive Oakley gear.

Be on the lookout for the Wells brothers as they continue to handle business onscreen and in their already successful careers on skis.


Andrew De Lara


July 27, 2010