Snow Industry Attends "The Meeting"


With the Aspen trees in full color, vibrant yellow, orange and red’s scatter the hillside. They picked this weekend for a reason. Who would have guessed the first snowstorm of the season would hit as well. This crew has it dialed!

Included in the schedule are a series of roundtable meetings ranging from environmental topics, Ski competition unification, and HD camera and editing technology. And ending with a 2-hour plus discussion about the current and future state of action sport ski and snow filmmaking.

The main events were the film premiers. And the local crowd was definitely excited for the shows. They sold out almost every screening available. There was no doubt that this event has grown into an industry must attend weekend.

Friday started off with the Pep Fujas and Nimbus project “Hunting Yeti.” Pushing the limits of free riding and having fun skiing with friends. This movie was a crowd favorite and look for these guys to keep progressing free skiing to new levels in the coming years.

The next matinee movie was Poor Boyz Productions “Reasons.” Featuring Oakley skiers Pep Fujas and Simon Dumont this movie took a 180 turn in direction from it past concepts. Instead of the hammer after hammer ski insanity you would expect they changed it up and created a breathtaking action documentary on their season. Sammy Carlson breaks out a sick backcountry part and shows all he can hang in the powder.

Oakley and 1242 Productions latest release “Uniquely” opened the Friday night festivities to an energetic sold out standing room only crowd. The vibe and insanely loud cheers from the crowd was huge. This was the first time an all female film had premiered at The Meeting. As well as showcasing sports outside of the snow industry, the ladies in the crowd appreciated the multi sport format for “Uniquely.” Hometown darling Gretchen Bleiler had an epic session in the Snowmass pipe, while Grete Eliassen, Marie-France Roy, and Chanelle Sladics held it down in the Colorado section.

Next was Travis Rice and Curt Morgan’s 2 year epic, “That’s It That’s All.” This is a must see for anyone who appreciates snow sports, high-end filmmaking, and next level tricks never seen before. The crowd went absolutely crazy during this screening. Possibly the best snowboard movie ever.

Saturday was the hammer day with Mack Dawg Productions showing both their films. “Down With People” and “Double Decade.” With over 20 years of filmmaking these guys know how to make hardcore movies. Oakley riders featured were Eero Ettela, Lauri Heskari, Heikki Sorsa, Aaron Biitner, and JP Walker. Eero opened the film with his tech wizardry on the board. And JP stunned the crowd with his switch wall riding and hammer backside 1080 tail grab.

Once the snowboarders left the building the ski crowd lined up for two of the most anticipated movies of the year. Tanner Hall’s “The Massive” and Matchstick Productions “Claim” the greatest ski movie of all time. That what their motto was this season. “The Massive” featured Tanner and crew riding pow lines and sick pipe features al over North America. With a full Reggae soundtrack this film is a must see. Next was “Claim” on the big screen. With a mix of classic rock tunes, moody background tracks and lots of voice over. This film has something for everyone. Guys, girls, big lines, sick park jumps, and the signature film angles MSP is known for. Featuring Simon Dumont’s crazy 34-foot quarterpipe air, Jacob Wester’s baffling double cork 10880 under flips. Does that trick even have a name? Totally sick! Shane McConkey filmed his first full segment in 2 years and came through for the cameras. Sean Pettit ended the show with a high school dream sequence and sick backcountry lines.

Look for Aspen to repeat and amazing event next year in the first week of October. Special thanks go out to Ryan, Deric, Melissa, and Traci of Aspen / Snowmass. Your crew stepped up and gave the industry a great kick off to the season. See you next year!