Dumont's Busy Week


Winter X-Games 12 proved to be a busy week for Simon Dumont. Along side the countless media appearances that have come to be expected of him 3 events filled out his schedule this year.

SuperPipe came down to another head to head battle between Simon and Tanner in which Tanner emerged victorious. Big air was held under a different format this year and Simon was knocked out in the first round putting his misty 1080 up against Jon’s marsupial flip.

A last minute decision brought Simon to Aspen’s King of Quarters event where Simon’s desire to set a world record became immediately obvious. After continually maxing out the height potential of the quarter at 30ft Simon decked slightly and ended up taking a trip to the Aspen hospital.

As a result Simon missed the slope-style event but still managed to hop a plane to NYC Monday morning for an appearance on MTV’s TRL.

Click Here For Video of Dumont’s Week


Riley Poor


February 07, 2008