Oakley's Tanner Hall Hosts Super Sessions At Evolve Chile

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Tanner Hall talks about Evolve Chile from daniel on Vimeo.

Oakley’s Tanner Hall and the Inspired Crew will host inaugural Signature Session at Evolve Chile Ski and Snowboard Camp this summer.

Signature Series is for skiers and snowboarders at least 19 years or older with intermediate ability looking to improve all aspects of their riding.

This is the first time Tanner, who hasn’t skied since breaking both his legs in a filming accident last spring, will be back on snow.

“The Signature Session with tons of powder is exactly how I want to return to skiing and filming,” said Tanner.  “Every great skier I know made most of their progress by just sessioning with their friends in a positive environment. And that’s exactly what we’re doing at Evolve Chile. Everyone at our Signature Session can feed off each others’ energy and help reach our goals side-by-side.”

Hall will also be working with iconic ski filmmaker Eric Iberg to complete their upcoming project titled, Tanner Hall: Like a Lion.


Erin Edwards


April 20, 2010