Oakley Skiers Win Powder Awards

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The Winner:
Seth Morrison

One of the most coveted awards by athletes, Full Throttle is for the calculated charger that skis everything with speed, fluidity, and stomps or comes close to stomping all the big airs. And no surprise, Mr. Seth Morrison takes home the prize with his jaw-dropping performance in Teton Gravity Research’s Under The Influence. Sending big airs, outskiing his slough, straightlining the steepest of lines, and integrating a degree of fluidity and control makes Seth the winner for 2009.


The Winner:
Sean Pettit

Sean first appeared in Powder Magazine as a quiet 11 year-old full of potential. Now 16, Pettit has just begun to realize that potential. Pettit put produced the closing segment for Matchstick Production’s Claim featuring a combination of big mountain and freestyle that almost secured a Best Male Performance. Throw in Pettit’s segment from The Massive, and you have a collection of work that’s well worthy of a Breakthrough Performance.

The Winner:
Poor Boyz Productions
Undoubtedly, Movie of the Year is the toughest category to judge. It’s not only skiing talent or the cinematography or the concept. It’s entirely encompassing. Ultimately, though, it’s the story. And Johnny Decesare, Tyler Hamlet, Cody Carter, J.P. Auclair, and Riley Poor told the all-encompassing ski story better than any of the other 20-plus ski movies of 2008. This is Poor Boyz’ second Movie of the Year award. In addition to the filmers, editors, and producers, an all-star athlete roster that included J.P. Auclair, Chris Benchetler, Tanner Hall, Sammy Carlson, Jon Olsson, Mike Douglas, Mark Abma, Simon Dumont, Jossi Wells, Andreas Hatveit, Eric Pollard, Andy Mahre, and Pep Fujas made it happen for PBP in 2009.

Simon Dumont
Matchstick Productions

Maybe more than any other PVA category, Best Manmade Air seems to be the innovation award. Each year, skiers boost a park or backcountry kicker and spin inverted in some weird way while grabbing in a new, wild way leaving any spectator completely baffled. How in the world they visualize and, subsequently, perform these tricks is mind-blowing. Add in the element of height and distance, hence risk, and it makes for an innovative category. Although his trick has been done before, no one has ever gone higher in a quarterpipe than Simon Dumont. So high, 35 feet, that he was able to spin a cork 900 while grabbing tail. Who does that? Simon Dumont, the world-record holder for a quarterpipe air that’s now a Guinness World Record by beating out snowboarder Terje Haksonen. Oh yeah, he’s now a first-time winner of Best Manmade Air.

The Winners:
1. Seth Morrison

Seth is 35 years old and went to high school in Vail, Colorado. He now lives in Frisco, Colorado.

Seth won the Full Throttle award at the 2008 Powder Video Awards.
He has finished first or second in all nine Powder Reader Polls. This is the third year in a row he has won the Reader Poll.
Last season, Seth filmed with Teton Gravity Research, where his big-mountain footage from TGR’s Under the Influence is some of the best ever caught on film. .

2. Tanner Hall

Tanner is 25 years old originally from Kalispell, Montana, and he could be the most versatile skier of all time.

He now lives outside Park City, Utah.
As of 2008, Tanner had won seven Winter X Games medals, tied for the all-time lead.
He is also a two-time Powder Magazine Male Skier of the Year, whose film Believe won Movie of the Year in 2008.

5. Pep Fujas
Oregon native who now resides in Utah, Pep has gone from WX Games Slopestyle medalist to one of today’s most influential skiers.
As part of Nimbus Independent, Pep has joined Eric Pollard, Andy Mahre and Chris Benchetler to expand on their vision that ski films should be about sharing the experience of sliding on snow.
Also filmed with Poor Boyz Productions last season.

The Winner:
Seth Morrison
Under the Influence
Teton Gravity Research

Eliciting some of the loudest oohs and ahhs from the audience during the red-carpet event, this award goes to the skier boosting the biggest air. In years past, the winner was usually the person who sent the biggest cliff, windlip, or cornice. But like every Powder award, a trick thrown off said geologic feature now requires a trick. Although 16-year-old Sean Pettit, Mark Abma, and Tanner Hall all trick off cliffs, perennial Natural Air winner Seth Morrison reigns again in 2009. Who else throws a giant front flip into a steep Alaskan spine line and stomps the landing? No one. And that’s why the 35-year-old Morrison takes home another Best Natural Air award.

Grete Eliassen placed third on the Powder Reader Poll


Tess Weaver


January 24, 2009