• 48 Hours of Celebrating Skiing: Tanner Hall Invitational, Shane McConkey Weekend and Dumont Cup


    Posted over 1 year ago by Chasen Marshall

    Nearly two-dozen skiers were on hand for the first-ever contest, but really, the Tanner Hall Invitational, held at Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort, was just a massive jam session between friends and fellow stylists – and it was just one of three celebrations of skiing going on across the country, which included a Chinese Downhill and the Dumont Cup.

  • "Superheroes of Stoke" Trailer

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    Posted almost 2 years ago by John Ohail

    “SUPERHEROES OF STOKE” celebrates MSP’s heritage and 20 years of skiing progression, showcasing icons of the sport and honoring the moments that helped define modern freeskiing. This awe-inspiring new film takes a captivating look at the past, present, and future of freeskiing through comprehensive storytelling and engaging first-person perspectives from those who helped change the game. Throughout the film, MSP honors the heroes who have emerged over the years and pays tribute to the heroes who have been lost. “SUPERHEROES OF STOKE” showcases incredible new action from all corners of the globe, encompassing overhead powder at Chatter Creek, massive spine walls in Alaska’s Tordrillo Mountains, pillow lines and tree jibs in Japan, and massive man-made features at Whistler and Alyeska.

  • Shane McConkey: An Unrivaled Innovator and Inspiring Human Being


    Posted over 2 years ago by John Ohail

    Few people in the world approach each day as a blank page, ready to write the story of their life’s ambitions day by day. Revered as the pioneer of freeskiing and ski base jumping, Shane McConkey did just that. In the latest film from Red Bull Media House in association with Matchstick Productions, “McConkey,” a 90-minute documentary in the making for years and due to be released in 2013, celebrates the life of one of the world’s ultimate innovators. Through his professional accomplishments, talent, irreverence, experience and unique outlook on life, Shane inspired countless others. His own life – shaped by complex and rewarding relationships – motivated him beyond the traditional comfort zones of his sports. A husband, a father, and a son, Shane’s enduring character and magnetic personality permeate still today despite his passing in 2009. “McConkey” is a heartfelt examination of the legacy one athlete left to the progression of his sports, and the path he paved to conq...

Shane McConkey



Date of Birth:
December 30, 1969
Squaw Valley, CA
Red Bull, K2, Oakley Sessions clothing, Dalbello ski boots and Marker bindings.

Career Highlights

    • 2005: Nominated for Laureus World Sport Award - World Alternative Sportsperson Of The Year, Ranked #1 Powder Magazine Reader Poll and Won Powder Magazine�s Full Throttle Award again
    • 2004: Ranked #2 again in Powder Magazine�s Reader Poll, Won Powder Magazine�s Full Throttle award, Won Powder Magazine�s Best Helmet Cam award, Went ski base jumping all over Europe and even got to bust a double front off the Eiger and Got Married in Thailand
    • 2003: Ranked #2 in Powder Magazine�s Reader Poll, Won the Chinese Fruity DH at my own event! (Beat Daron Rhalves!) and Skied bitchen lines that closed out to 500ft cliffs and then aired off em with my parachute
    • 2002: Ranked #1 in Powder Magazine�s Reader Poll and Invented world�s greatest powder ski! The Volant Spatula with reverse camber and reverse sidecut
    • 2001: ESPN Action Sport Awards Skier of the Year, Red Bull Ultra Cross�s Big Air Comp - 1st and Ranked #1 in Skiing Magazine�s Top 25 skiers in North America
    • 2000: Nea Award Winner - Freeskiing Male, Bridge Day Championships - 5th Overall 3rd Exit Style Winner of Judges Choice Award, Gravity Games Big Mtn. Champion, Gravity Games Skiercross - 6th
    • Gravity Games Big Air - 7th, X-Games Skiercross - 5th, Japan Core Games Skiercross Champion and Jonny Moseley Invitational - 3rd
    • 1999: ESPN X-Games Skier Cross - 2nd Place, IFSA World Tour of Freeskiing - 5th, US Freeskiing Nationals - 5th and World Tour event at Andermatt - 3rd
    • 1998: IFSA World Tour of Freeskiing Champion, European Freeskiing Champion, U.S. Freeskiing Nationals - 2nd Place and Canadian Freeskiing Championships 4th Place
    • 1996: IFSA Overall World Tour Champion - Unofficial tour, European Freeskiing Champion, U.S. Freeskiing Championships - 4th place and World Extreme Skiing Championships - 6th place
    • 1995: U.S. National Freeskiing Champion, South American Freeskiing Champion, Pro Mogul Tour Overall - 16th - 1st seed and Japan Super Mogul - 7th
    • 1994: South American Freeskiing Champion, World Extreme Skiing Championships - 2nd, Pro Mogul Tour Overall - 8th - 1st seed and Pro Mogul Tour Event at Copper Mtn. - 1st