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September 2011

  • The Making of ‘The Ordinary Skier’


    Posted almost 3 years ago by Elishia Matta

    The Seth Morrison documentary ‘The Ordinary Skier’ is anything but your ordinary ski movie. Light on the expected clips of Seth hucking backflips off cliffs and heavy on an introspective look at life through the eyes of a living legend, the movie has the ski world a buzz just a few stops into it’s 30+ city tour with Poor Boyz Productions. Check out the accompanying gallery to view some of the exquisite photography generated during the two-year endeavor that was the making of ‘The Ordinary Skier.’

  • The Ordinary Skier Premiers in Seattle, Vancouver


    Posted almost 3 years ago by Tess Weaver

    Oakley and 1242 Productions’ The Ordinary Skier premiered in Seattle and Vancouver last weekend, officially kicking off premiere season in the ski world, and living up to the hype surrounding the highly anticipated documentary on Seth Morrison for the past two years.

  • Premiere! Epic Documentary, “The Ordinary Skier” to Debut on Sept. 9 in Seattle


    Posted almost 3 years ago by Andrew De Lara

    Brace yourself. The Ordinary Skier is here. Legendary skier Seth Morrison’s epic new documentary, presented by Oakley’s 1242 Productions and Director Constantine “CP” Papanicolaou, will be unveiled at the King Cat Theatre in Seattle, WA on September 9. To be premiered in conjunction with Poor Boyz Production’s premiere of their own film, The Grand Bizarre, The Ordinary Skier is set to dazzle the industry. Offering a magnificent glimpse into Seth Morrison’s present, future and storied past, the documentary – shot over two years – will certainly serve as a tribute to the brilliance of the industry innovator. “I wanted the film to show that you can make whatever you want to out of yourself,” Seth said. “That whatever it is, if it’s driven by passion and you work hard enough, anything can happen.”