Sean Pettit Introduces Super Proof: Making Freeski Video Magic Since 2013


Sean Pettit has an idea. He wants it to showcase his skiing and the skiing of those he surrounds himself with, but he wants it to reflect the life he lives away from the steep lines and knee-deep pow. He brought in a talented duo to film and edit and direct and he’s confident that it will be unlike anything that’s been seen in the ski world. It feels like a pretty super idea.

Sean Pettit presents to you, “Super Proof.”

We wanted a bit more detail about what Sean has going through his mind heading into this winter, so we sat the backcountry prodigy down and ran some tape.

What is the genesis of Super Proof?
Well, Super Proof has been an idea of mine for multiple years now and it is just coming to life! The hardest part was just starting. It seems to be on a roll now.

What should your fans and the greater ski community expect from Super Proof?
We (Super Proof) will spend the winter filming to produce four short conceptual films that entail some heavy ski action with a little Hollywood fictional twist. You will see myself along with some other extremely talented dudes thrown in to the mix. Along with the short films we will be putting out frequent up-to-date content of what’s going on behind the scenes, some skits to keep your tummy sore, your everyday ski edits, full video parts of a select few who are yet to be named, and everything in-between that we manage to capture on camera. All this content will live on Essentially Super Proof is a place to showcase our ridiculous lives to those who would like to be entertained.

What’s with the biking teaser? You saving all the goods?
The biking teaser is to confuse you. It was created just to introduce Super Proof and to give the audience a preview of what Super Proof’s “style” is all about. We haven’t saved any of the ski goods because the goods haven’t happened yet. Remember, its November… the ski season hasn’t started yet. But! We have a nice pile of unseen goods that we will be releasing with the launch of Super Proof this December!

What has been the process of bringing Super Proof to life?
The process of starting this has been so much more than I had originally thought. I was sure that I could just start Super Proof and it would magically appear and everything would be all good. (Laughs) Well, there is a lot more than that already, and Super Proof was just born. I still have to nurture it and make it strong. I knew nothing about starting your own company. All I knew is that I wanted to do it. So let’s say I have learned a lot so far.

What makes Super Proof different from all the ski projects that have preceded it?
It’s just a new concept that has been untouched in skiing thus far.

Do you have any proof that it’s going to be super? (See what we did there?!)
Very clever! I have no proof but I have faith that it will be more super than we all think. Of course, we have the dream team working on this project including Brandon Kelly behind the lens, and Leigh Powis is the director and in the editing room. These two stallions with the talents of the skiers behind this project will make it a huge success.

Aside from Super Proof, what’s going to make this winter super for you?
Well, Super Proof being the most super thing I do, I will also be shooting with RedBullTV on a new reality series based around the craziness of my life. Might do a contest or two while I’m at it. Regardless, we will be worldwide this season. I know, as if starting up my own company wasn’t enough, but I figure why not do it all?! YOLO!

For more about Sean Pettit, check out his bio.