Oakley's Kye Peterson Wins Red Bull Cold Rush

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The third installment of Red Bull Cold Rush moved from Red Mountain to Retallack in British Columbia, a favorite destination for the Oakley team. The terrain at Retallack is absolutely mind-blowing, and it being a cat-ski operation allowed for each competition venue to be blanketed in B.C.’s finest powder snow. In a year that has been unseasonable dry, everybody lucked out as the powder faucet has been on full-blast for most of March.

Red Bull Cold Rush gathers 12 of the best skiers in the world-veterans and newcomers alike-and gives them a big mountain playground where they compete in big air, cliff jumping, and big mountain disciplines. Monday kicked off with the big air portion of the comp. The big air portion was highlighted with everything from Oakley’s J.P. Auclair throwing buttery double-backflips to Dave Treadway sending 100-foot airs off the biggest kicker.

Day Two dawned like a typical day at Retallack: dumping snow. After a couple attempts to get things rolling, it was clear that visibility would not reach levels acceptable enough to run the cliff section of the comp on PME Cliffs. Nobody was really too bummed out, however, because it just meant a day slaying deep, deep powder in Retallack’s famous tree-runs. The competitors actually got some pretty sick stuff in the bag with the film crew for the Cold Rush, and even the event staff got to revel in few runs of Canada’s finest powder. “Best run of my life,” were the words uttered by more than one mouth on Tuesday.

Like clockwork, Wednesday broke blue early in the morning and the comp was back in full effect. The morning round consisted of the PME Cliff zone, which was really more like a big-mountain line with some cliffs in the middle. In typical Treadway style, Dave threw an 80-foot backflip off the biggest cliff on the top. Lower down on the slope, Oakley’s Callum Pettit-at the ripe old age of 19-sent it off what was at least a 100 foot cliff.

The line of the day surely went to Oakley’s Kye Peterson, who dropped into some mini AK-style spines and amongst all the steepness managed to find a popper he nonchalantly tossed a 40 foot 360 off of.

That afternoon, in a feat of logistical mastery, the event moved over into a whole new zone-highlighted by a long ridge draped with pillow lines-at Retallack. Each skier got took one run and the level of riding at this point was pretty insane. Callum Pettit again stepped up with the biggest air, brother Sean threw a slow 360 off a pretty sizeable pillow, and Kye Peterson again skied his line like he was attacking an AK peak-rivers of slough all around him.

When all was said and done, Oakley’s Kye Peterson would be crowned King of this year’s Red Bull Cold Rush. Joining him on the podium in Second Place was Oakley’s JP Auclair, and Sage Cattabriga-Alosa rounded things out in Third.

Perhaps the coolest thing about Cold Rush is the comp was decided by the riders, who voted by watching video each night. The vibe was decidedly collaborative, however, with everyone just stoked to be in Retallack shredding pow and cheering each other on.