Ryan Sheckler Dominates


It was a hot day on top of the Event Deck at L.A. Live this afternoon as Sheckler, Cole, Paul Rodriguez and Greg Lutzka battled it out for one of the coveted podium positions in the Skateboard Street Men’s Final. In the end it was Sheckler who proved that hes not only just a pretty face on T.V., but that he is also the best.

“This is the best contest I’ve ever won, the best I’ve ever felt, and the hardest I’ve ever skated.” he said with a smile.

Sheckler’s first heat, in which he earned himself a 94.00 (the highest score of the day), started off with a 180-kickflip off the 15-foot-high subway roof. He continued to one up himself a couple minutes later when he again impressed the crowd with a 360 kickflip off the roof. It was during the second heat though, that he got the crowd and his fellow skaters buzzing with excitement when he landed a caballero kickflip over the China gap.

Back in 2003 Sheckler was the youngest gold medalist in history, a title he still holds. Now, just barely an adult at age 18, Sheckler has regained the title of Skateboard Street champion.

“I’m in shock right now. I’ve been waiting since I was 13 to get back to the podium. I’m just at a loss for words,” he said.

Sheckler wasn’t going to clinch the gold without a fight from fellow skaters Paul Rodriguez, Greg Lutzka and Chris Cole. Cole was in the hot seat going into this competition as he was in the running for the first ever three-peat in Skateboard Street Men’s history. Although he was unable to put together enough of a run to reach the podium, he still finished in a respectable fourth place.

Both Rodriguez and Lutzka stayed on Sheckler’s heels throughout the three-heat final with consistent, big and technical tricks including Lutzka’s frontside frontflip off the roof of the subway station that helped earn him his bronze medal.