Maloof Money Cup


The Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, CA played host to the inaugural Maloof Money Cup contest this past weekend. With the biggest names in skateboarding showing up and putting life and limb on the line to win the biggest cash purse in skateboarding contest history, we all knew that this would be a contest to remember.

The course consisted of a crazy vert ramp with extensions and ledges on the deck and a full concrete plaza-type street course complete with a sixteen-stair handrail, marble ledges and Carlsbad gap. To imagine the money it must have cost to get a $150,000 concrete course and $70,000 vert ramp built, only to have it torn down when the contest ended, boggles the mind.

Oakley was a major sponsor of this year’s event and hosted autograph signings with Bob Burnquist, Rune Glifbers, Sandro Dias and Ryan Sheckler. As expected, the turnout for Ryan’s signing was beyond large. At the expense of his wrist, all who showed up walked away with an autograph.

Oakley’s Rolling O Lab was also on the premises to show people why Oakley’s groundbreaking technology reigns supreme. It also provided a nice air conditioned place to chill out and find refuge from the weekend’s hot weather.

With so much money on the line for the winners, all who skated seemed to value the cash prizes over common sense and proceeded to huck themselves over and across everything in sight. On the vert ramp, Bob Burnquist proved that he’s still the king of technical swith skating, Shawn White had everybody in awe of his ability to connect tricks and Sandro Dias made the crowd go crazy when he landed a 900.

Oakley am Alex Mizurov earned himself a podium finish after giving Chris Cole, Eric Koston and Billy Marks all a run for their money in the E’s game of skate.

During the street finals, the crew from Brazil gave everybody else in attendance some bonus entertainment when they erupted into a flurry of flying fists and limbs. Apparently, some clowns in the stands in front of them forgot where they were and said some things they shouldn’t have. After the dust settled, the bruised and bloodied smack-talkers were escorted out by the authorities. Way to go, boys.

Thanks to Joe and Gavin Maloof for making this contest a reality. Let’s hope this contest becomes a yearly event. See you again next year. (Please!)