Oakley Skate Team Riders Go To Camp


The last week of June brought us the 2nd annual Oakley Signature Session at the Waterville Valley Skate Camp in New Hampshire. This was another exciting year for some of our team riders to come out and hang with the campers for some fun in the sun. The Waterville Skate Camp provides 2 outdoor parks and an indoor mini ramp for everyone to enjoy. Oakley Team riders Fabrizio Santos, Danilo De Rosario, Tom Ryen, Manny Santiago, and Dave Bachinsky brought some awesome skating with them. Oakley flow team riders Ralph Murphy, Dana Ericson, and Brad Miller were on hand as well to represent the eastcoast to the fullest. Some of the highlights for the trip were Fabrizio busting a fakie frontside flip on a super steep mini ramp at 2am, and Brad Miller trying to noseslide a wooden rail into a swamp. Dave and Dana shut down the main park with some ridiculous tricks for the kids. Dave was doing first try frontside flip to disaster, and Dana was taking over the flat ledge with a 360 flip to noseslide. Danilo flew in after winning best trick at the king of the park contest, and kept the juices flowing during the week at camp. The Oakley Signature Session wouldn’t have been possible with out a few people. Big thanks to all the skaters that came, as well as Dylan Radloff, Luke Mathison, Ralph Murphy, Mark Wakeling, and Aaron Quigley.

Thanks for supporting skateboarding!!