Team Regular Takes GvR

GvR 2007

Team Regular took the fourth annual GvR of Skateboarding at etnies in Lake Forest, CA on Sunday. After two years of Goofy domination, it was due time for a Regular comeback. Luan de Olivera took first place, while Oakley’s Lake Forest local Tyler Hendley was crowned MVP.

“It feels like my skate park,” said Handley of the etnies park where the contest was held. “I skate it every day. I know the lines, I know where to get speed that no one else knows. I was up against all the guys I look up to.” To be chosen MVP…I was like, “what kind of sick joke is this?”

10,000 fans rocked out to the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’s in the parking lot while watching some insane skate action.

The unique format of the etnies GvR of Skateboarding contest pits two teams, Slap Magazine’s Regular Foot riders (left foot forward) against The Skateboard Mag’s Goofy Foot riders (right foot forward), with each team appointing a team captain.

Regular Team captain Mark Whitely, editor of Slap Magazine, chose Ryan Sheckler, Andrew Reynolds, Leo Romero, Rick McCrank and Sean Malto to make up his pro team. Representing The Skateboard Mag, Editor-In-Chief Dave Swift, team captain for the Goofy Team handpicked Oakley’s Greg Lutzka, Ronnie Creager, Nyjah Huston, Jereme Rogers, Darrell Stanton.