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Oakley first signed Ryan Sheckler back in January of 2000, when he was only ten years old. Now considered one of Oakley’s top skaters on our global team, Ryan is winning Dew Tour Cups, Summer X Games medals and now most recently his own reality series on MTV.

Sheckler started skating at 18 months old, on his father’s skateboard until his fifth birthday when he asked for his own board. Since those days Ryan has been taking the skateboarding world by storm from turning pro at the youngest age ever in skating to elevating his game to insane video parts in the industries top films.

So, when the opportunity presented itself for Ryan to document his life on camera for MTV, he went for it. Everything from his daily bouts with girls to sessioning his backyard skatepark with his buddies to traveling the world for contests and autograph signings the cameras are there to take it all in.

Ryan took some time out of his busy schedule (he was house shopping the first time we tried to reach him) to chat about his new show premiering this Monday, August 27th.

Oakley: How did having a camera follow you around change your life?

Sheckler: It didn’t really change my life cause I’m so used to the cameras from skating, but man having 15 people with you at all times is kind of gnarly.

Oakley: Best part about filming the show?

Sheckler: The best part of filming is just chilling and doing my normal thing on film.

Oakley: The worst part about filming the show?

Sheckler: The worst part is having no privacy; it’s all on camera.

Oakley: Anything you made them edit out?

Sheckler: They don’t have to edit anything out cause we try to keep all the antics to a minimum.

Oakley: What was your opinion of reality shows before they offered you one?

Sheckler: I have always liked reality shows and now that I have my own I’m stoked.

Oakley: Have you agreed to do a second season yet?

Sheckler: We have to see how the first series goes over with the world and if we have high enough ratings then we charge the second season.

Oakley: What will be some things people will learn about you that they might not have known?

Sheckler: People are going to see the real me and the emotions of dealing with a divorce and skating.

Oakley: Do you have a premier party planned?

Sheckler: We are having a sick get together up in Malibu for the premier I can’t wait.

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Matt Murray


August 24, 2007