Dew Tour Stop #3


Shaun White’s winning run in round two of the Vans Invitational Skate Vert Finals was everything fans have come to expect from him: Big, fast, technical and dizzying. With huge McTwists, a 720, a heelflip frontside, and back-to-back 540s, White forced the other skaters to make their third runs count.

In his victory lap / third run, after realizing he’d already sealed the deal, White tried to raise the bar even higher, mixing a 1080 attempt into his run to the delight of fans in the Rose Quarter. The 1080 is still a long way away, but one thing seems clear: White will be the one to do it. Either way, he appears to be untouchable. With 300 total points in the overall Dew Tour standings, White will be extremely hard to chase down in the race for the Dew Cup. Burnquist, his next closest competitor, has 201 points. Bucky Lasek, the Dew Cup champion in both 2005 and 2006, has 168. Macdonald’s current total is 167, and Gagnon is close behind at 162.

On his way to the first 1080, White is now chasing after another magic number: 500, the first-ever perfect score in the overall Dew Tour standings.

As for Park…

Rune Glifberg came into Portland last weekend, won two out of three events in the Oregon Trifecta concrete bowl series, and skated in tonight’s Vans Invitational Vert Finals as if he were after even more Portland glory. On his third run he nailed a kickflip to backside lipslide in the middle of a flawless run that had each of his competitors slapping the coping with their skateboards in appreciation. Rune took 6th place.

Switch-stance king Bob Burnquist and big air champ was also skating at his best and mixing in tricks that literally nobody else on the planet can do, like his signature Burntwist eggplant revert. Bob took 3rd place.

Ryan Sheckler dominated the early portion of the Park contest, holding a big lead after two rounds of individual runs with big moves like a kickflip gap transfer over the hip and back-to-back noseblunt and bluntslides on the bank. After the field was narrowed to the top six skaters—Sheckler, Greg Lutzka, Fabrizio Santos, Chad Fernandez, and Austen Seaholm, in that order—he saw his lead slip a bit after a chaotic first round jam session that brought Lutzka closer and saw some shuffling among the rest of the field.

Sheckler landed more big tricks in the second round of the jam session, including a huge Caballaerial kickflip over the hip, but also took some hard slams and seemed to lose his focus. Meanwhile, Lutzka managed to stay on board, consistently answering Sheckler’s biggest moves with huge tricks of his own, including a frontside kickflip 270 transfer over an enormous hip gap.

“I’m psyched to win this two years in a row,” said Lutzka.

In the overall Dew Tour standings in the race for the Dew Cup, Portland’s win brings Lutzka a little bit closer to catching Sheckler, with 218 total points to Sheckler’s 275. With two more tour stops to sort it all out, another win by Lutzka could bring the overall contest to a tie before the action is over.

In FMX Finals, Mike Mason came back on his second run and put up a 3rd place score that included the cliffhanger that popped his knee out of place 20 minutes prior along with his usual repertoire of technical tricks and a backflip heel clicker. Bamburg had another shot at the podium with the crowd backing his every move but a mistaken no footed backflip was the mix up that left him empty handed. That didn’t stop him from rushing towards the grand stands for some high fives with the fans.


Staff Writer


August 20, 2007