Oakley Takes Over NH


Most people had the day off work and watched fireworks on the Fourth of July, but the Oakley Skate team was busy at camp.  Oakley Sports Marketing guru Dylan Radloff brought Dave Bachinsky, Manny Santiago, Andrew Pott, Tyler Hendley, Brazilian ripper Danilo De Rosario and Oakley Flow riders Ralph Murphy, Dana Ericson, and Brad Miller to the White Mountains of New Hampshire for a week of skateboard camp in Waterville Valley.

This was Oakley’s second year hosting a signature session at camp and the turnout was amazing. Highlights included Bachinsky’s mini ramp madness, Hendleys tall bank transfers, including 360 flips and big spin kickflips, Pott landing every trick on his first try all week, Manny’s switch 360 flip over the pyramid, and the silent assassin Danilo blowing minds with technical tricks that left campers and coaches puzzled.

While the out-of-towners didn’t see fireworks in NH, they did have the opportunity to take in the full New England experience. Canoes, biking, swimming, and wildlife made the skate trip to unforgettable. Especially when Andrew Pott was humbled by a bear, after a week of claiming he’d ride one before camp was over.

Special thanks go out to Mike Bettera, John Webster, Ralph “The Pirate” Murphy, Mark Wakeling, Dylan Radloff, Liam Barrett, Aaron Quigley, and of course all the skaters that came out to Waterville for the week. Thanks again!